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EcoFlow Glacier Review: The Ultimate 3-in-1 Portable Fridge, Freezer, and Ice-Maker


Introducing EcoFlow Glacier

Ecoflow Glacier

EcoFlow is revolutionizing the outdoor experience with their newest innovation, the EcoFlow Glacier. This groundbreaking device combines a portable fridge, freezer, and ice-maker into one compact, easy-to-use unit. It's perfect for campers, fishermen, and anyone who enjoys spending time outdoors.


  • World's first portable fridge-freezer with an integrated ice-maker and plug-in battery
  • Up to 24 hours of runtime powered by a 298Wh plug-in battery
  • Efficient ice maker only takes 12 minutes to make 18 bullet-shaped ice cubes
  • Dual storage compartment with independent temperature control for simultaneous cooling and freezing
  • Fastest-speed cooling with energy-saving mode
  • Rugged & insulated design with green materials
  • Detachable “suitcase design” makes it easy to move

Competitive Analysis

When compared to competitors like Dometic CFX3, ARB Zero, Acopower, and ICECO JP40, the EcoFlow Glacier stands out with its unique 3-in-1 design and advanced features. Its ice-making capability, direct solar charging, and detachable suitcase design make it a versatile and convenient choice for outdoor enthusiasts.

Data EcoFlow Glacier Dometic CFX3 ARB Zero Acopower ICECO JP40
Price $999 $979.99 $1100 $759 $529.99
Capacity & Compartments 38L (Dual Zone) 35L (Single Zone) 36L (Single Zone) 40L (Single Zone) 40L

KSP 12: Versatile and Convenient Accessories

In addition to its impressive performance and features, the EcoFlow Glacier is designed with a variety of versatile accessories to further enhance your outdoor experience.

  • USB Port: Charge your phone, tablet, or other USB-compatible devices on-the-go.
  • LED Light: An integrated LED light ensures you can easily see the contents of your fridge-freezer even in low-light conditions.

With all these incredible features and capabilities, it's no wonder the EcoFlow Glacier is an award-winning portable fridge-freezer that offers unparalleled convenience and functionality.

Competitive Advantage

When compared to its competitors, the EcoFlow Glacier is clearly ahead of the curve in terms of both innovation and performance. The world's first portable fridge-freezer with a built-in ice maker, battery, and solar charging capabilities, the Glacier offers unmatched versatility and convenience.

Furthermore, the Glacier's dual storage compartments with independent temperature controls, energy-saving mode, and fast cooling technology set it apart from other portable fridge-freezers on the market.

Moreover, the EcoFlow Glacier's rugged and insulated design, as well as its green materials, make it an eco-friendly choice for outdoor enthusiasts.


In conclusion, the EcoFlow Glacier is a revolutionary portable fridge-freezer that raises the bar in terms of performance, convenience, and innovation. With its world-first integrated ice maker, battery, and solar charging capabilities, the Glacier is truly in a league of its own.

Coupled with its customizable dual storage compartments, energy-saving mode, and rugged design, the EcoFlow Glacier is the ultimate choice for campers, road trippers, and adventurers looking to elevate their outdoor experience.

Upgrade your outdoor adventures with the EcoFlow Glacier and experience the unparalleled convenience and performance of this game-changing portable fridge-freezer.

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