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OGO Composting Toilet Review: The Best Waterless Solution for Off-Grid Living


 Introducing OGO Composting Toilet

OGO composting toilet

OGO is a US-based company that specializes in creating compact, contemporary composting toilets for off-grid living spaces such as RVs, vans, skoolies, tiny houses, and more. As off-grid living gains traction, the demand for efficient and eco-friendly waterless toilets has surged. OGO caters to this demand with their high-quality composting toilet, designed to simplify daily life and minimize environmental impact.

OGO Composting Toilet: Key Features

1. Contemporary Design

The OGO composting toilet boasts a sleek, space-saving design measuring just 16" by 15" and 18.375" in height, making it an ideal fit for any small living area. Its modern aesthetics seamlessly blend with various interior decor styles.

2. Electric Agitator

Equipped with an electric agitator, the OGO composting toilet simplifies waste composting. With the push of a button, the agitator spins for two minutes, effectively mixing solids with the recommended medium (coco coir). This eliminates the need for manual stirring or mixing, as the electric agitator handles the task effortlessly.

3. Liquid Level Indicator

The OGO composting toilet also features a liquid level indicator. This button illuminates red when the urine bottle is nearly full, indicating the need for emptying. Simultaneously, it activates the electric agitator, ensuring proper mixing of solids with the medium, preventing odors, and maintaining the toilet's efficiency.

4. Trap Door Mechanism

A trap door mechanism in the OGO composting toilet separates liquids from solids. To use it, pull the handle straight out for solid waste disposal and slide it back when done. This user-friendly feature helps maintain the cleanliness of waste containers and minimizes odors.

Why Choose OGO?

Several factors make OGO composting toilets a top choice for off-grid living spaces:

  • As a US-based company, OGO ensures a high-quality product tailored to your needs.
  • OGO prioritizes quality-driven, durable products, backed by exceptional customer service to guarantee your satisfaction with your purchase.

Benefits of OGO Composting Toilets

OGO composting toilets offer several advantages over other market options:

The electric solids agitator, a distinctive feature of OGO composting toilets, allows effortless waste mixing at the push of a button, ensuring effective breakdown and odor prevention. This feature is not commonly found in other composting toilets, making OGO an exceptional choice.

Apart from the electric agitator, the OGO composting toilet features an ingeniously designed trap door mechanism and urine separation dam. These elements guarantee that all urine flows into the bottle, regardless of toilet usage. This helps maintain waste container cleanliness and prevents odors, simplifying long-term toilet maintenance.

The OGO composting toilet's compact, modern design easily complements various decor styles. Its minimal floor footprint of 15" by 16" allows it to fit into the smallest living spaces. The waste containers are easy to empty and clean, with venting options available on either side to accommodate any build.

Lastly, OGO composting toilets are made in the USA, ensuring a high-quality product with meticulous attention to detail. This makes OGO an ideal option for those who prefer supporting local businesses and products made in the USA.

Comparing OGO to Other Composting Toilets

When considering a composting toilet for your off-grid living space, it's essential to compare OGO with other market options. Here's a quick comparison of the OGO composting toilet to other popular choices:

Toilet Electric Agitator Trap Door Urine Diverter Liquid Level Sensor Size Urine Bottle Capacity
OGO 16"x15"x18.375" 2.4 gal
Sun-Mar GTG No No No 16"x24"x20" 1.85 gal
Nature's Head No  No 19"x19"x21" 2.2 gal
AirHead No No 19"x20"x21" 2.0 gal

The OGO composting toilet offers several features that distinguish it from other options on the market. Its electric agitator, trap door mechanism, and liquid level indicator light make it an incredibly convenient and effective choice for off-grid living. Furthermore, its compact and contemporary design enhances the visual appeal of any small living space. Considering these factors, the OGO composting toilet emerges as a top choice for those seeking an efficient, user-friendly, and stylish waterless toilet solution.

Ready to switch to an OGO composting toilet? Purchase one here. OGO is a US-based company committed to producing quality-driven products and providing excellent customer service to ensure complete satisfaction with your purchase. With the OGO composting toilet, you can enjoy all the benefits of off-grid living without sacrificing the convenience of a modern, efficient toilet solution.

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