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Powering an EV Charger with a Portable Power Station

Electric vehicles provide clean, efficient transportation powered by electricity. But EVs rely on being charged up to keep you on the move. While most EV charging happens at home or public stations, a portable power station offers the flexibility to charge your EV anywhere.

Portable power stations like the EcoFlow DELTA Pro contain large-capacity batteries to store electricity and power devices on-the-go via standard outlets and ports. With sufficient power output, a quality power station can charge an electric vehicle in a pinch.

This guide explains how using a portable power station like the DELTA Pro can provide backup EV charging during power outages or when traveling off-grid.

EV Charging Basics

First, let’s review some key facts about EV charging:

  • EVs use electricity to recharge onboard batteries that power the motors.
  • Charging speed depends on the charger's power level, rated in kilowatts (kW). Faster charges require more power.
  • Most home EV chargers are either Level 1 (slow) at 1.4 kW or Level 2 (faster) at 6-11 kW charging rates.
  • DC fast chargers at public stations deliver 50-350 kW for ultra fast charging.

Knowing your EV’s battery size, range, and required charging power will help determine if a portable station can effectively charge it.

Portable Power Station Benefits

Portable power stations like the EcoFlow DELTA Pro provide these advantages for EV charging:

  • Outlet power - AC outlets provide 1.4-3.6+ kW charging via Level 1 or Level 2 charger.
  • Battery capacity - Large batteries store substantial energy for lengthy EV charging sessions.
  • Off-grid charging - Charge your EV remotely by storing solar or grid electricity in the battery.
  • Backup charging - Stay charged during home/grid power failures.
  • Road trip charging - Top up your EV on camping trips or in rural areas.

With sufficient power and capacity, a portable station can meet many occasional EV charging needs beyond your home charger.

Introducing the EcoFlow DELTA Pro

A prime example of using a portable power station for EV charging is the EcoFlow DELTA Pro. Key facts about this model include:

  • 3,600W total AC output
  • 3,300W from two 110V/30A outlets
  • Supported by the EcoFlow EV X-Stream adapter
  • 3,640Wh LFP battery capacity
  • Can fully charge an EV 25+ times per charge

With a robust 3,600W power supply and large battery, the DELTA Pro can handle Level 2 EV charging for most electric vehicles on the market today.

Determining EV Charging Time

To estimate how long the DELTA Pro can charge your EV, follow these steps:

  1. Check your EV's battery capacity in kWh.
  2. Find your EV's Level 1 and Level 2 charging power ratings in kW.
  3. Pick the charging level the DELTA Pro supports - either 1.4 kW or 3.3 kW.
  4. Divide the battery capacity by the charging power to get hours.

For example, a Tesla Model 3 has a 62 kWh battery. The Level 1 charge rate is 1.4 kW and Level 2 is 7 kW. Using the DELTA Pro's 3.3 kW output, it would take around 19 hours to fully charge the Tesla battery.

Charging times will vary based on the EV model, battery size, and charging level. But the DELTA Pro can make significant charging progress overnight or during multi-day power failures.

Using the EV X-Stream Adapter

To connect your EV to the EcoFlow DELTA Pro for charging, you need the EcoFlow EV X-Stream charging adapter. This converter allows the DELTA Pro to safely power a standard J1772 EV inlet. Key features include:

  • Compatible with all EVs using J1772 charging ports.
  • Rated for Level 1 and Level 2 charging up to 11 kW.
  • 25 ft charging cable.
  • Precision charging optimization and control.
  • Integrated 8A cooling fan to prevent overheating.

The EV X-Stream adapter provides a critical bridge between the DELTA Pro and your electric vehicle. It controls charging safely within the DELTA Pro's power output ratings.

Keep These Tips in Mind

When using the EcoFlow DELTA Pro and EV X-Stream adapter for EV charging, keep these tips in mind:

  • Only use for occasional charging - The station cannot provide your daily full EV power needs.
  • Level 2 outlet is best - Use the DELTA Pro's 30A 110V outlet for faster charging.
  • Do not exceed 3,600W - This is the DELTA Pro's max power, and overloading will cause failure.
  • Recharge fully after use - EV charging will drain the battery, so recharge it after via grid, solar, or dual charging.

Properly sized for your EV needs and used within its output ratings, the EcoFlow DELTA Pro Power Station with EV X-Stream adapter offers a versatile emergency or off-grid EV charging solution.

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